Kanger Protank 3 VOCC Coil (5-pack)

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Kanger Protank 3 VOCC Coil (5-pack)

Replacing the old Kangertech BDC heads, the Kanger VOCC heads will perform just as good if not better. Now designed with verticle coils the user should experience better flavor and improved performance compared to its predecessor. 



  • New VOCC (Vertical Organic Cotton Coil) Design
  • Replacing Kangertech BDC Heads
  • Compatible with the AeroTank, AeroTank Mini, AeroTank Mega, Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, EVOD 2, T3D, and the EVOD Glass as well as the Genitank series from Kangertech
  • Available in 1.5Ω & 1.8Ω

Package Contents:

  • 5 x KangerTech VOCC (Vertical Organic Cotton Coil) Heads