Mutant 26650

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Mutant 26650

CNC machined from solid copper stock, the Hades is now available in this extremely conductive material. Copper is the standard that all other materials are compared against when rating for electrical conductivity, and copper scores a solid 100% conductivity on the scale! The body, top cap, and lock ring are all made from copper stock. The rest of the switch assembly is made of 304 grade stainless steel. When copper is used in this application, it provides the lowest possible voltage drop. Voltage drop, is essentially wasted energy being drawn from the battery during firing. The less voltage drop a setup has, the more direct power is being put to the atomizer. This results in better vapor production, better flavor, and longer battery life.

Featuring self adjusting battery height, this solid tube mod uses beefy 26650 batteries and has no room for a Kick or a fuse. This mechanical mod means SERIOUS BUSINESS, and the size of 26650 batteries can allow a user to vape extremely powerful coils for DAYS!

510 Center Pin is a free-floating design, and self adjusts for various battery heights and atomizer pin lengths. Made of pure copper for maximum electrical condutivity.

Comes with steel spring installed, but also included, is a set of switch magnets if you wish to switch to a smoother and slightly lighter switch throw!

CNC machined from copper, Delrin, and stainless steel.